Feng Shui Placement Of Water Fountain – Improve Your Home With the Sound of Water

Feng Shui Placement Of Water Fountain

The feng shui water fountain is a great tool that is known to attract good luck and prosperity. It can be placed in select locations both inside and outside of the home. Use a bagua map to locate specific areas related to wealth and select an appropriate fountain. Water fountains combine sound and movement as a cure to both retain and activate the ‘qi’ or energy of the space. If situated in the right spot, the constant stream of cascading water can harnesses the ‘qi’ in the area that needs it the most.

Water fountains come in a number of different materials, including metal, bamboo and ceramic. Each one of these materials represent an element that is the foundation of feng shui, namely metal, wood and earth. To determine which material to use, you have to look at how the five elements interact with each other and find out which element works best with water. If you take a look at the destructive cycle of the five elements, you will learn that earth destroys or dissolves water. This means that the element earth should not be combined with water, therefore you need to avoid using a ceramic water fountain in your home. If you take a look at the productive cycle of the five elements, you will learn that metal produces or carries water. This means that the element metal should be combined with water, the combination of the two actually makes the water more powerful as a feng shui remedy. Feng Shui Placement Of Water Fountain

Water fountains also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It should be obvious that smaller sized fountains are better suited for inside the home while larger ones are appropriate for the outside. There are tabletop options as well as wall mounted for the indoors. An outdoor fountain however, should be big enough to act as the centerpiece of a garden. Based on basic principles of the art of placement, round shapes are preferred although fountains are available in a number of different shapes. You don’t necessarily have to go with round, simply choose one that is fitting in your home.

The key to effectively using the sound and movement cures of water is to place the feng shui water fountain in an appropriate area of the home. This can be accomplished by locating them on a bagua map. Since the fountain represents the element water, it should be placed in areas of a room or an entire home that is associated with either water or wood. The fountain can only fully serve its purpose of enhancing the flow of ‘qi’ in places that can benefit from its presence. One place to be aware of is the bedroom. This room is tricky, because it is where you sleep. The constant flow of water can prove to be too distracting and cause restlessness in this particular room. That is not to say that it completely does not belong in the bedroom. In fact, there are certain situations that make it appropriate for that part of the house. Since water is a powerful remedy, it should be dealt with carefully. Seek the services of a professional if you are looking to use it correctly to help improve your life. Feng Shui Placement Of Water Fountain

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Achieving A Peaceful And Relaxed Household With Do-It-Yourself Inside Fountains

Water fountains in indoor settings have become quite a buzzword amongst property decorators and owners like you in the final few years. This isn’t surprising, due to the fact interior fountains provide you with a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, as the normal water quietly runs in the fountain. Retailers can attest to the popularity of inside fountains.

A seem at stores in malls and around the Web outcomes in a great deal of inside fountains being sold. But what happens when you cannot come across your inside fountain of your respective dreams from the malls or from the numerous web sites? Do not fret. Truly, there are lots of of you that usually do not appear to be to uncover what they think are the suitable interior fountains for them.

Getting a gorgeous and elegant indoor h2o fountain does not always have to be the same with what other people have just mainly because you bought yours from a retailer or inside the World-wide-web. And, no, you don’t wish to pay for a fountain with an extremely steep cost just to avoid getting a generally owned fountain. Try carrying out it on your personal. The sound from the trickling h2o from a fountain you did might prove being far more peaceful and relaxing than the mass-produced ones.

I. Create Your individual Interior Fountain

If you cannot come across an inside fountain inside the marketplace that could match your own taste, life-style, and uses, why not make your individual? Producing your own inside fountain is cheaper than buying it in a retailer or on-line. Normally, creating a person would cost you close to $ 40. You will find a number of variations accessible in creating your own h2o fountain, but the instructions in making one are incredibly basic. 
II. Supplies

– for base, you may use a waterproof container- aquarium pump that is submersible; quickly accessible in garden centers or at fish merchants- copper pipe with diameter of half an inch- easy-to-use pipe cutter that costs close to $ 2.50 only – silicone glue – when this dries up, the glue becomes clear- two items of elbow joints- reducer that goes on top rated of one’s pump – t-bar- a copper piece- wonderful and appealing rocks which you is going to be utilizing for your basis to stabilize the fountain and make the foundation far more sturdy
III. Constructing Actions:

1. Put the pump into your container

Due to the fact the pump hole is reasonably smaller compared with copper fittings, you should add the reducer. By this time, you’re prepared in putting the 1st arm of your copper basis.

Within the pipe’s outer edge, place some silicone. Then put together the pieces one particular by one particular. Prior to putting the top pipe over it, you must have some holes pre-drilled. You are able to pre-drill utilizing a drill bit with a one-eighth-inch dimension. This can make your fountain have the perfect flow. You ought to bear in mind all of the time that the copper frame size really should match snugly into your container, allowing the normal water to freely circulate.

2. Check if its prime part is aligned

The prime part is aligned if the drinking water completely flows appropriate into your container. Expect that the final arm will be longer since the pump will elevate it. Site the joint very first, as this will make the arm secured. Measure then the pipe. Cut down the excess portion.

3. Keep it stabilized

Adding a number of wonderful and significant stones need to make the weight heavier. Following placing the significant stones, put some little river pebbles. And then add normal water.

4. Go From There

Now you have the basic basis for the indoor fountain! From there, you can design it based in your imagination, for that look of one’s fountain is limitless and depends upon how imaginative and inventive you can get. For just starters, you can enhance your fountain search by placing dried flowers and grasses. Arrange them. Should you plan on installing a fountain appropriate interior your kitchen, you might want this instance. You could possibly produce your base basis making use of a used or old copper pan. Flatten it using a hammer. Then suspend the flatware utilizing copper wire.


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Achieving A Peaceable And Relaxed Residence With Do-It-Yourself Indoors Fountains

Water fountains in indoor settings have develop into fairly a buzzword among household decorators and owners like you in the last few years. This is just not surprising, because inside fountains give you a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, as the normal water quietly runs in the fountain. Shops can attest to the reputation of indoors fountains. A seem at retailers in malls and on the Internet results in a lot of inside fountains becoming sold. But what takes place in case you can’t discover your interior fountain of your dreams within the malls or from the numerous internet websites? Usually do not fret. In fact, there are numerous of you that will not seem to come across what they think are the correct inside fountains for them.

Having a gorgeous and elegant indoors normal water fountain does not always have to become the same with what other folks have just simply because you bought yours from a shop or within the Web. And, no, you do not want to pay for a fountain with an incredibly steep price just to keep away from having a commonly owned fountain. Attempt undertaking it on your personal. The sound of the trickling normal water from a fountain you did may possibly prove to become far more peaceful and relaxing than the mass-produced ones.

I. Construct Your individual Interior Fountain

In the event you cannot discover an indoor fountain inside marketplace that could match your personal taste, way of life, and uses, why not make your own private? Doing your own personal interior fountain is less costly than shopping for it in a very keep or on the internet. Typically, doing one particular would cost you approximately $ 40. You will find a amount of variations accessible in making your own drinking water fountain, but the directions in generating 1 are really standard.

II. Materials

– for base, you may use a waterproof container- aquarium pump which is submersible; quickly obtainable in garden centers or at fish shops- copper pipe with diameter of half an inch- easy-to-use pipe cutter that costs close to $ 2.50 only – silicone glue – when this dries up, the glue becomes clear- two pieces of elbow joints- reducer that goes on best of the pump – t-bar- a copper piece- lovely and appealing rocks which you may be employing to your basis to stabilize the fountain and make the cornerstone far more sturdy.

III. Building Steps:

1. Put the pump into your container

Due to the fact the pump hole is somewhat smaller compared with copper fittings, you have to add the reducer. By this time, you’re ready in putting the very first arm within your copper groundwork.

On the pipe’s outer edge, set some silicone. Then placed together the pieces one by a single. Prior to placing the best pipe over it, you should have some holes pre-drilled. It is possible to pre-drill employing a drill bit with a one-eighth-inch dimension. This may make your fountain have the perfect flow. You ought to remember all of the time that the copper frame measurement need to fit snugly into your container, permitting the h2o to freely circulate.

2. Check if its leading element is aligned

The prime portion is aligned if the waters perfectly flows suitable into your container. Expect that the final arm will be longer due to the fact the pump will elevate it. Location the joint initial, as this may make the arm secured. Measure then the pipe. Cut down the excess portion.

3. Keep it stabilized

Adding a variety of stunning and massive stones must make the weight heavier. Right after putting the significant stones, put some small river pebbles. And then add waters. 
4. Go From There

Now you’ve got the simple cornerstone to your indoors fountain! From there, it is possible to design it based on your imagination, for the glimpse of the fountain is limitless and depends on how imaginative and inventive you can get. For just starters, you might boost your fountain seem by placing dried flowers and grasses. Arrange them. If you strategy on installing a fountain right inside your kitchen, you could possibly want this example. You may generate your base groundwork by using a utilised or old copper pan. Flatten it by using a hammer. Then suspend the flatware utilizing copper wire.


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Bemused With A Fire And Water Fountain

There are some things on this earth that are exact opposites but totally balance each other. Take for instance two of the four major elements of Earth – fire and water. One can put out the other but put together they do make a perfect harmony.

In a Fire and Water Fountain, this strange combination is truly personified. This new fountain is created by Traditional Fountains, the top producer of quality fountains. You can view this model on their website.

It is an cleverly crafted fountain made out of Polyresin. Its measurements are 6 ½” square by 7 1/8″ high. The fountain gives you the delusion that it is made out of wood. The four candle holders are cut into various levels making them look like four-cornered towers. The candle holders can hold four tea candles that when lit all together at the same time looks like towers of light. They are attractively arranged on a square box that has miniature steps with smooth river stones filling the corners. Water spews from one of the tallest towers and cascades down the wooden steps into the box.

This stunning representation of fire and water is a beautiful design that can improve any home motif. The Fire and Water fountain is painted in earth tones to make a more natural feel that blends into any room in the house. It is battery operated using just 2 AA batteries. You can place this on any countertop either in the kitchen or the bathroom. You can also put this in the center of a coffee table or to liven up a corner of the room. It can also generate a romantic, Zen like ambiance in your bedroom.

The Fire and Water Fountain is also a magnificent gift to give to any one for any occasion. This useful piece of art will truly be valued by the person you will be giving it to as a gift because of its worldwide appeal. It will be a welcome addition to any home interior.

If you want to buy this fountain as one of your own or to give as a present, you can easily get it by placing an order on the Traditional fountains website. It is affordably priced at $ 31.20, with 4 Tea light candles included but not the batteries. The price is already inclusive of shipping costs. UPS Ground will deliver this charming package to your delivery address within 8 business days.

Fire and Water Fountains are a common sight to see in the homes of the elite. To have that rich and famous feel in your humble home, be sure to get one!

Advantages of a Solar Powered Water Fountain

Water fountains have become very popular and almost every house has one in or outside their home. The sound of water gently falling down is indeed a treat to the senses.  Wouldn’t it be a double pleasure, when you get to enjoy the beauty of a fountain and yet manage to save on precious electricity?  Solar powered fountains run on the energy that’s derived from the sun and are perfect for environmentally conscious people.

Garden fountains look great, but powering them can be a daunting task as it often involves running underground cables that are expensive and can look messy if not done properly. A solar fountain is probably the best and the most cost effective choice.

It’s easy to set up and place a solar fountain as well. Simply find a shade-less spot for the solar panel and set it up. There are a few options that come with a ten foot cable, with a solar panel attached; allowing you the freedom to place it wherever you want. The solar panel attached to a remote cable ensures that the fountain need not be put under the sun, just the panel.

Sunlight is captured through the solar panel, which converts this light into electricity that’s required powering the fountain. You will find that most solar powered fountains do not store power but there are becoming more available that do.  In this case, the excess energy is stores in a battery, allowing you to run these fountains at night.

The popularity of these outdoor fountains is growing as people are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. These are the perfect gifts for anyone as you don’t need to worry about the recipient finding a location for it as it can go anywhere!

These fountains respond quickly to light and hence can be used in all seasons, except in times when the temperate drops below freezing. As with any other outdoor fountain, keeping these indoors during winters is an important precaution.

You can buy these through a number of online stores that sell them at affordable prices. The price of these would vary anywhere from less than $ 100 to a few that are elaborately designed can cost anywhere up to $ 250 or even more.

You could either choose from a ceramic solar water fountain, or a two tier water fountain, terracotta water fountain, or even a pool water fountain. Choices are aplenty.

It’s not only about environmental consciousness that attracts people to fountains, but also the fact that these solar powered fountains are easy to install. Everyone enjoys the wonderful water sounds.

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Adorning your home with a scenic water fountain

If you’d like to create a new look inside your lounge room or bedroom consider adding a water fountain. Having a water fountain doesn’t need a constant steady stream of fresh water. The water is reused through its system. Adding a water fountain in the family area or bed room is a good way to unwind after having a stressful day. It’s also the middle point of any discussion.

Also, they are famous in hotels, restaurants, and today homes. Water fountains could be multi-tiered or just one level. The multi leveled create a more louder trickle sound while single tier only has a running water sound. You may change the sound of water whenever you want regardless of how many tiers you might have by simply placing creek rock a certain way then when water hits the rock it produces a different sound. You might need to stack the rocks a particular way it can create a louder sound.

There are numerous different designs to pick from and various material to select from also. Most fountains are made of stones or plastic however you can also choose to have a fountain made from mirrors. The wall version fountains fit comfy against the wall and offer a soothing impact and so they don’t take up any space on the floor. A floating fountain is likewise popular. In case you have never seen these kinds before, try to find these in ponds or pools.

Most water fountains utilize AC for energy to work the pump nonetheless some pumps may use solar power to work. With enough natural sunlight to warm the panels, the water will circulate throughout the day and also the night. Water fountains have an on/off switch so can change them off any time you choose.

Add some fish in your fountain. If the foot of your fountain features a larger pool, place a few goldfish to further improve the appearance of your water fountain.

Your water fountains are a good designing accent with Feng Shui. Place the live plants inside the fountain that survive in water or you can buy some artificial green herbs you could keep in water continuously.

In case you have a sizable open floor home, use a rectangular shape water fountain to separate two rooms. You can create it as tall as you wish and top it with plants or items that you want to theme the area with.

Squeeze in a few floating candles to light when you are ready to unwind. That flickering of candle light as well as the sounds of the water is definitely an instant comfort of stress.

Interior water falls make a great supplement to any room of the house primarily for it’s comforting affect and peaceful serenity that it provides to the people who watch it. Following a stress filled day, relax and take it easy by closing up your eyes and listening to the stream. Getting back to the sounds of nature is the ultimate way to unwind.

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Water Fountains: Exquisite Works of Art

Have you ever thought of taking a break from life? Running away from all your problems and hide in a place where there is no one at all judging you or giving you responsibilities to manage? I am sure you have gone through this phase. Do you know why? Well, the answer is not so simple. Life is complicated. The major contribution to life’s complications is our own in many different ways. We do not know how to balance our body, mind and soul functions well. Although you are not to blame, anyone seldom knows the trick to harmonious living. Blame it on our lifestyles and other limitations that come clinging to technological developments. However, you must take timely steps to take control of your life and also your physical and emotional needs. For this you need a calm place and a space where thoughts skillfully emerge in your mind. Without a doubt the place would be characterized with something that is relaxing to your mind and soothing to your soul. Where do you go in search for that now?

Get this “thoughtful space” within the four walls of your home or on your patio, deck or front yard. Depends on the space you can accommodate for this new addition to your living space that ensures immense peace of mind. Water fountains have existed for centuries now and for varied purposes at that. In the earlier day and age, men and women didn’t have to escape from a lot of mechanical stress in the form of constricted time and space on a daily basis, there was much less competition so water fountains were mainly to illuminate the interior or exterior décor with their immaculate presence. However, water fountains installed today in the homes of the common man who seems to lead a super-busy life is more in the form of a therapy for the mind.

Water fountains have a plethora of beneficial features that spell good health and well being for those who are surrounded by their paradisiacal presence. Indoor water fountains are incredible alternatives for miniature versions of these royal home décor accessories that give you an in-house relaxation space where you have the opportunity to soothe your stressed mind and just lay back on a couch taking in the calming musical sounds of flowing water and the feel of the cool breeze that brushes across the sparkling feature. Water fountains are also known to purify the surrounding air and emit negative ions that help get rid of all the dust-like impurities frequent in most residential spaces. Overall, if you really are concerned about your health and want to bring home a segment of nature all while spreading positive energy within the house, go through the various water fountain designs available and choose the one that suits you and your persona the best.

Amber Liddell is resource for the website Serenityhealth.com, your one stop shop for any type of water fountains and water fountain information. You will find many outdoor fountains for your garden, wall fountains, tabletop fountains and even custom fountains. Visit Serenityhealth.com or call to talk to one of our water fountain experts.

Your Cat Deserves A Kitty Water Fountain

If that you are trying to ensure very good well being for your loved ones, it is vital to make certain everybody drinks sufficient drinking water. Since we all know that drinking a sufficient volume of drinking water can be a critical part of staying in excellent health for individuals, it makes sense that the same might be true in terms of the animals. It can be easy to disregard that our cats and dogs are sporting a permament outside layer of hair, so they can get overheated even from condtions that may perhaps seem cool to us. In addition the typical puppy will get a dish of normal water positioned about the floor which may be cleaned or changed once per day. Most animals don’t grasp they should get additional normal water, so a bowl about the floor is just not sufficient incentive to get them to drink as much as they’ll need.

Our dogs and cats tend to be bored much with the time as a result of our within the go routine, so they end up resting away substantial chunks of your time. A lot of dog owners believe this is just the quantity of sleep pets need to have, but in reality they’re simply bored a sizable quantity of the time. Have you ever wished there was a way so as to keep your puppy from being bored when they are on it’s own although simultaneously being healthier by drinking plenty of mineral water? Purchase a canine fountain and you’ll be able to obtain exactly these points!

There’s never been a better time for you to shop for a puppy mineral water fountain. For most of us today, the notion at the rear of a pet drinking water fountain was not something that had been taken incredibly seriously till recently. But now they might be getting more well–known and with that recognition there has been an enormous increase within the range of pet mineral water water features out there.

The first puppy fountains were truly absolutely nothing a lot more than the dog or cat bowl with some sort of pump motor so that you can move the water. The pet fountains available nowadays are a huge improvement when compared to individuals primitive versions. You happen to be able to discover some really innovative pet fountains available that also look great, so you won’t be afraid to position it in sight of the friends.

The main producers of these fountains tend to be Drinkwell, Pioneer, and Petmate. The most recognizeable brand is probably Drinkwell, plus they also sell the leading type of pet fountains. Drinkwell produces every thing from little incredibly basic pet h2o fountains to fountains produced specifically for big creatures and also those families that own much several dog. When style is really a principal concern for you in relation to your puppy fountain, take a appear at the collection marketed by Pioneer Domestic pets. They make both stainless steel and a ceramic puppy fountain which are considered the best sorts when looking for the cat normal water fountain.

No matter which type of puppy water feature you choose, do not worry regarding having the capability to acquire new filters or cleansing kits as all the suppliers that manufacture these pup mineral water fountains supply these accessories, together with details like reservoirs that have improved capacities. A large reservoir means you’ll not need to top off your water feature nearly as frequently, plus they may be additionally superb for multiple dog conditions when the drinking water will almost certainly supply up quicker.

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The Many Purposes of the Water Fountain

When you think of a water fountain, your thoughts may go back to school. Every wall seems to have fountains and lockers. Perhaps you think of lovely displays in famous cities. There is a great deal of uses for fountains. Here are some that you might consider.


Would you like a very valuable addition to your landscape? A lovely fountain will make a big difference. They may require some planning. There is some work to run the plumbing. However, it will be a thing of great beauty. They are perfect for a tranquil outdoor setting. You may wish to design your own Zen garden. It can be the perfect retreat. Observing the cascading flow of soft running water can be most relaxing.

Table top

Maybe you wish to bring some relaxation indoors. These units are lovely, yet portable. Anyone can enjoy them. It will not matter what the weather is. Any season is the perfect time to have them around. The come in many shapes and sizes. They can be the perfect mood setting to meditation or a lovely, quiet, evening.


A pond fountain is a beautiful addition to your pond. You can create a setting of peace and serenity. They do not cost as much as you may think. There also is not as much labor as you may think, too. They are fairly easy to install and enjoy. There are so many different styles. It may take you a while to decide, which one to use.


Solar fountains are a perfect way to dress up your landscape. You get the benefits of running water, with no energy use. This is a great way to go green, and do your part for the environment. There is no limit to where you can place these lovely items.

There is no need to run electricity. This makes the installation much less expensive. There is also much less labor involved. You will not have to worry about digging up your yard for wires. Maybe you would like to have one of the many birdbath fountains. You will provide a safe place for wildlife to congregate and quench their thirst.


A water fountain is not just a place to get a drink of water. They can be items of great beauty. You can set an entire mood for your landscape. Maybe you wish to create your own Zen garden. You may wish to improve the looks of your pond. These fountains will also make lovely indoor decorations. You can also go green and install solar fountains. They will not use any electricity. You have a great deal of choice with these items.

Waterfountains are among the top beautiful accessories for any house. A fountain can be kept either inside a house or outside it. No matter where it is kept, it creates a feeling of serenity among the people. Waterfountainproducts.com keeps a stock of mixture of elegant and modern styled fountains.

European Influences on Water Fountain Development

In previous articles I’ve covered the Ancient Roman, Middle-Eastern, and Chinese contributions to water fountain use, design and technology. This article covers some of the European adaptations. The trade routes between countries and cultures in the known world allowed for the advancement of the use of water, practical and aesthetic, and for the technology that allowed advancement. As each region/ culture encountered new water fountain technology, it incorporated and adopted methods that reflected local resources, values and aesthetics. These different perspectives were, in turn, exported out of the area to re-influence new ideas and adaptations.

The European concept of water use was born in ancient Rome during the Imperial period. Villas of the wealthy prominently featured water displays that ranged from still-water reflecting pools to hydraulically-powered jet fountains. As the Roman political influence waned, its aesthetic approaches to the use of water remained. Technology and its application to water use within different cultures advanced and was shared or copied over the centuries, so that by 1500 AD the European aesthetic and practice of water fountain technology had developed to the point of a unique expression. Playfulness.

This all seemed to come together at the Versailles Chateau where, at the peak of its water fountain use, over 1400 fountains were operating within the expansive grounds. The back story as to how this came about is fascinating and grist for a different article, but for now – decades of labor at a cost of millions of lives, and staggering amounts of money went into converting what had been a relatively dry area into a water-fed playground for royalty. Much of that grandeur remains today, and the existing water fountains created by artists of that period remain as impressive multi-spouted works of art and engineering. At one point, before full completion of the water supply lines, guests at the Chateau were limited to one bowl of water daily for personal use, while the water features went through more water each day than did the entire city of Paris! Such was the priority of water use.

Middle Eastern water robotics which were both artistic in design, and practical in application, were adapted to the European mind-set, and the outcome was water powered robotics designed purely for human amusement. This peaked throughout Europe in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Hydraulically powered figures and trick fountains were the rage of the wealthy. Entire miniature villages, its inhabitants carrying on their routine chores, were created for the pleasure of wealthy aristocrats. Trick fountains were set up to soak unsuspecting guests who, when seated, would trigger a water jet in the seat of the chair or bench, or when stepping on a stair or floor tile or walking through a gate would trigger a similar drenching experience.

There are precious few of these playful displays still to be found today. A sixteenth century English tree fountain, randomly spouting water, is still functioning and popular, and there are other scattered examples that remain as mere shadows of the original displays. However, the best preserved fully functional display remains intact at the Hellbrunn Palace near Salzburg, Austria. If you find yourself anywhere near that part of the world, it is worth a stop to experience a water display pretty much the as it amazed and amused guests in the 1700’s.

This playful use of water is reflected in the designs of many contemporary water fountains — from the complex computer-controlled Appearing Rooms Fountain that creates walls of water allowing an interactive walk-thru and that change randomly, to the small, personal indoor water fountains in homes that feature urinating children, a classic Italian design, to spouting frogs. As you choose your own indoor or garden water fountain today, you have a wide variety of designs, materials and presentations that are the culmination of influences traded and improved upon over more than two thousand years.

Richard Christy is a retired psychotherapist. Graduating with an MSW from the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle, Jane Addams Graduate School of Social Work & was licensed & in private practice in CA, WA & NM between 1980 & 2006, specializing in the treatment of traumatic stress disorders in children, adolescents and adults. He now lives with his wife, Lauren, in New Mexico where he travels & pursues his internet-based businesses and indulges in his passion — water fountains. A fountain owner for over 25 years, his current mission is to place a water fountain in every home. For more details on his passion visit http://indoor-wall-mounted-water-fountain.totalwarehouse.com