“Middle Eastern” Water Fountain Contributions

As early as the 12th century, the development of water fountain technology in what is now known as Iraq, was being pursued by engineers with vigor and inventiveness. The fountains of the Greeks and Romans were mostly dramatic in nature and secondarily were functional. The Middle Eastern focus, by contrast, was centered on fountains’ practical application, specifically on the development and advancement of fountain machinery that replicated human activity.

One such described invention was called the Peacock Fountain which used technology similar to a modern toilet: when a plug was pulled from the peacock’s tail, dirty water emptied into the fountain base and clean water entered the basin; meanwhile, rising water in the base caused a float device to activate a mechanical servant figurine to come out from behind a door carrying soap; as the rinse water was used and flushed back into the base, causing the float to rise again and activating another figure that appeared offering a towel.

This clever synthesis of engineering and artistry, of course, was reserved for the very wealthy. Teams of fountain engineers and artisans were commissioned by those with the wherewithal for the specific purpose of developing a desired application.

One of the best known engineers was a man we know as Al-Jazari. He was likely named after the area where he was born, al-Jazira, which was the Arabic name for a territory know known as northern Iraq. Just about all that is known of him comes from his “Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices,” in which he describes his amazing work. More of a craftsman and engineer than an inventor, he none-the-less produced inventions by a laborious trial and error process that provided the foundation for the development of mechanisms in use to this day.

His main contribution to fountain technology was the invention of water-raising machines, thus allowing fountain deployment in areas not practical for using the old gravity fed method. Bringing up water from the ground had traditionally been a very labor-intensive task and Al-Jazari was the first to develop a machine utilizing a suction piston that could raise water over 50 feet into a system of connected pipes.

One of his machines, incorporating a scoop wheel driven by a gear system with attached jars that emptied water into channels, was the basis of a water system in 13th century Damascus that supplied the mosques with water drawn from a local lake. In Islam, a fountain is the name of the place in the Mosque where worshippers can wash before Prayer.

The culture also placed importance on aesthetic appearance and the use of light and texture to influence the emotional reaction to a setting. Geometrically designed enclosed gardens were developed in Persia (modern Iran) with the emphasis on creating a relaxing atmosphere. Shapes and textures were specifically chosen for their ability to direct sunlight.

In the 16th century, elaborate fountain displays were garden features of the Mughal gardens of India. These were a group of gardens built by the Mughals in the Islamic style of architecture, and this style was influenced by Persian gardens. One main difference or addition was the significant use of rectilinear layouts within the walled enclosures. Some of the typical features included pools, fountains, and canals within these enclosed gardens. Similar-style gardens with water features were designed in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

So, contributions to our modern fountains have been drawn from sources around the world over many centuries and implemented cumulatively as a synthesis of need, resources and available local talent. The water fountains in our homes and gardens today are the descendants of all these early fountains in mechanics and design. So, when creating your own water fountain environment, let your own creativity, personality, preferences, and resources be your guide.

In the future our natural human affinity for water as a resource beyond life maintenance and continued technological development will likely continue to allow us to develop fountain use & placement options we may now only imagine.

Richard Christy is a retired psychotherapist. Graduating with an MSW from the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle, Jane Addams Graduate School of Social Work & was licensed & in private practice in CA, WA & NM between 1980 & 2006, specializing in the treatment of traumatic stress disorders in children, adolescents and adults. He now lives with his wife, Lauren, in New Mexico where he travels & pursues his internet-based businesses and indulges in his passion — water fountains. A fountain owner for over 25 years, his current mission is to place a water fountain in every home. For more details on his passion visit http://outdoor-water-fountain-freestanding.totalwarehouse.com/

Water Fountains-Why People Love Them

There’s a certain magic about waterfalls. You can sit beside them and watch your worries wash away. That’s mainly the reason why people from all age groups, from the 6 year old to the 60 year old are captivated by the beauty of the water fall. Thanks to indoor water fountains you can enjoy the beauty of these all day long. So you no longer have to travel to far off places to be able to enjoy the serenity of a water fountain.

Available in all sizes and shapes the sky is the limit when it comes to indoor fountains. Are you looking for one to match your southern style décor? Go for a copper fountain. Want something to accentuate the contemporary look of your home? Try a wall fountain made from stainless steel. Not only these, you could choose from glass or even a bamboo fountain. The latter is mainly sold in shops selling Feng Shui products.

Looking for a focal point in your living room? Try an indoor fountain that will not only accentuate your room, but can act as a de-stressor, to your tired mind and body when you come home from work. Fountains can also be used to cut the outdoor noise, that has been bothering you! Besides being effective in cutting down noise pollution, fountains are also effective humidifiers. Why go for those noisy humidifiers in your home, when you can have a water fountain that does the same job. As earlier said, fountains are great stress busters. Water, they say, when it falls from a height releases negative ions, which when combined with the positive electrons in the atmosphere, manages to neutralize the air. The Chinese were the first to realize this and believed that water fountains, released ‘chi’ or positive energy.

Wall Water fountains are not only popular as a choice to decorate your home, but also used in offices, where they are personalized by adding the company logo on it. There are many offices that use these as a partition to separate spaces. For those looking for a water fountain that suites their taste and style you could go for custom fountains, but typically will see a premium price as they need to be custom made and sized.

Taking care of fountains is easy as well. All that you have to do is ensure that the pump is always submerged in water and when it is not to be used for a prolonged period, you unplug it and empty it as you don’t want stagnant water sitting for a perior of time. Also using distilled water instead of tap water ensures that you don’t have to clean it as often but keep in mind, you will need to clean your fountain every month or few months if larger to rid it of any algae growth.

Amber Liddell is resource for the website Serenityhealth.com, your one stop shop for any type of water fountains and water fountain information. You will find many outdoor fountains for your garden, wall fountains, tabletop fountains and even custom fountains. Visit Serenityhealth.com or call to talk to one of our water fountain experts.

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Serenity Indoor Fountains

The hectic life of the average person often results in the development of stress, headaches, tension, and anxiety issues. Over time, the stress of this lifestyle could eventually lead to more significant and dangerous health conditions like hypertension, high blood pressure, or even stroke. In order to reverse this damage, steps have to be taken in order to allow the body to relax and begin to heal. A serenity indoor fountain is capable of starting a person on the path to better health.

Serenity indoor fountains provide stress relief with their melodious trickling water sounds. The sound of running water has been likened to the sounds that come from the womb during pregnancy which is considered the most comfortable period of life. These relaxing sounds provide background noise for those that desire company but isn’t loud enough to deter concentration. It is sometimes considered to be a concentration enhancer similar to the regular use of meditation. These same soothing sounds are an ideal addition to any bed time ritual where sleep has become hard to attain. If there is a companion in the household, the sound level on the fountain can be altered in order to avoid disturbing them.

Serenity indoor fountains also provide added protection from the annoyance of seasonal allergies. Water is considered nature’s humidifier since it tends to attract small particles of pollen, dust, and other debris from the air. As these particles are taken from the air, it is left more pure and breathable. Better air quality will help to combat the effects of living in a polluted society. Plants also benefit from the presence of serenity indoor fountains in the home since they bring moisture to any room they are in. Plants tend to flourish and last longer in these rooms.

One of the best ways to bounce back from the continued stress of modern life is to invest in a serenity indoor fountain. These fountains help to cleanse the air of the home which makes it easier for a person to endure the allergy seasons. With their ability to bring in needed moisture for proper breathing and their soothing sounds which reminds one of the comfort and peace of the womb, serenity indoor fountains are a great addition to any natural remedy program. These multifunctional pieces can be decorative, attractive, and custom made works of art that can add a tasteful twist to the standard decor.

Serenity Indoor Fountains are works of art in and of themselves, and add a soothing psychological feature to any environment in which they are placed.

Courage, No Guts War Of Words Compare The Old And New Drinking Fountains – Water Dispensers, Drink

Since the “99% of Drinking Toxic “since the news came out around the energy,

Health And so on; courage, no guts war of words between the Prolonged, consumers Ruzhui clouds. Now, household appliances press Qianlong by a comprehensive comparison of these two drinking fountains, drinking fountains hope that consumers know more about past lives, but also to look ahead at the future direction of development water dispenser.

Lazy thinker: courage required to clean, no guts more convenient
Health is a topic of concern to everyone, but in numerous city life, sometimes “lazy” philosophy but allows us to benefit a lot. How to how easy it is now the city’s philosophy of life.

Traditional use of heat lamps have the courage of drinking hot water heating system model. Courage liner drinking fountains there are usually about 1000 ml of water. People often been replaced

Bottled Water But ignore the fountains of the liner in the water, which will hide the pathogenic bacteria in water, over time, became the natural breeding ground for bacteria, water, various kinds of foreign bodies also. Therefore, the courage to use some time after drinking fountains must be cleaned

Disinfection . In addition, the technical design, there are other deficiencies such as: repeated hot water heating, water is not fresh, easy to scale, easy channeling temperature, etc., even after years of development, but there is no effective solution.

“Gutless that is heat and water dispenser” unique rapid heating system, eliminating the conventional hot water dispenser tank structure, change the traditional drinking water system to take water model, and its enclosed design to prevent water secondary pollution, not easy to create scale, to avoid repeated heating, output water quality can be more fresh and taste better, they have a certain extent and improve the quality of drinking water dispenser health status, but also more convenient to use.

Gelang Tai Theory: 1500 W VS 450 watt,
Saving 50% With Electricity shortage Highlight issues such as energy, we are faced with energy and sometimes we really want to learn Gelang Tai’s “energy saving” spirit. The power of traditional courage drinking less, about 450 watts or so. But the courage of drinking water in the heat lamps in the insulation and will result in energy consumption. Drinking water in order to maintain the state, with the temperature fluctuations, to be repeated heating, that is, when not in use, the courage of drinking fountains is still electricity, and heating energy consumption can also cause increased body scaling. To solve these problems, experts advise consumers courage dispenser when not in use, switch off the power.

No hot water dispenser bile 1500 watts of power, compared with more traditional drinking fountains, but it is taken by the system of hot water with the way it is a hot water heating unit of time is very short, not there is water in the heat lamps in the insulation caused by the phenomenon of energy to solve the scaling result of repeated heating and hot body

Energy consumption

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Ten ought to adhere to tips just before investing in water wall fountains around your residence and even office environment.

If you’re really planning to add to the appeal of your property or perhaps outside living area just about the most impressive improvements is unquestionably a new water wall fountain. They bring lavishness and also tranquility to virtually any atmosphere and selecting the most appropriate water fall either indoors or outdoors of your home can help raise your property’s price. Water wall fountains have been a popular method to emphasize homes and also workplaces. Their particular aesthetic charm provides benefits like attracting a sense of stillness, serenity, and invigorating senses.

Adding water wall fountains at the home can be an easy venture which can be done in one day or even a smaller amount. Shopping for a water feature is a piece of cake and you can do it right on the web or perhaps directly from a neighborhood gardening store. After you have prepared your choice on which water fall is right for you, below are a few guidelines to help you with the set up.

Pursuing these suggestions could help you save many hours of work.

1. Select your water fountain thoroughly. Make certain you have cautiously assessed its positioning and that it’s going to fit in the area you have chosen.
2. Confirm the stableness of the wall in places you want your own walls water feature to hold. Make sure that it can have the load. Never start putting in the actual water fountain without knowing how heavy it is along with its waters weight. Include the two weights to decide if the wall structure has potential to handle your own fountains mass.
3. Check if there is a socket nearby in order to plug the wall water feature. Avoid using electrical cords. Find out if there is an outlet in the rear of the fountain to position the actual connector.
4. Read the manual cautiously that comes with your fountain. Doing this could save you from costly mistakes.
5. See if your offer offers every one of the elements stated in the container.
6. A lot of the wall mounted fountains have a holding system on the back. Take a look at and calculate the space and measure the level around the walls in which you desire to location your own water feature.
7. Use a level to hang up the wall water fountain to make sure that they’re properly in-line.
8. Slip the hoses and also connect it all on the pump and fill up the particular pot using the water. Ensure that your pot is actually water-tight. You may either work with a sealing ingredient or even a flexible type sealing agent for this function.
9. In order to conceal the cord, it is simple to do this if you have a netting or else you can easily use it at the back of the particular walls.
10. Plug the actual pump motor into a protected outlet to avoid mishaps. Guard the particular store having a GFCI. Should the plug that comes with your wall fountain isn’t level, the energy outlet should be recessed. Test out your water wall fountain and ensure that everything is in working order.

Installing water wall fountains may either be basic or maybe difficult, with regards to the measurements and products that you have selected to employ. Whilst small to medium sized fountains can be easily set up, bigger wall water features may require a skilled installer to get it done to suit your needs.

For more information upon creating water wall fountains check out water wall fountains now.

Some ought to comply with techniques previous to the installation of water wall fountains around any residence and also workplace

In case you are really attempting to increase the beauty of your home or outside living area one of the most impressive additions is unquestionably the water wall fountain. They bring high-class as well as serenity to any kind of atmosphere and selecting the most appropriate water fall whether indoors or outdoors of your house might help improve your home’s price. Water wall fountains have been a favorite approach to emphasize homes as well as workplaces. Their cosmetic charm has benefits just like bringing in a sense of peace, calmness, as well as invigorating feelings.

Setting up water wall fountains at the house could be a basic task that you can do in a day or even a smaller amount. Purchasing a fountain is also a piece of cake and you may get it done online or from a neighborhood gardening shop. Once you have developed your choice on what water feature is right for you, below are a few guidelines to help you along with your set up.

Pursuing these kinds of guidelines could help you save hours at work.

1. Pick the water feature thoroughly. Make certain you have carefully measured its positioning and even that it’s going to fit in the area you have chosen.
2. Look into the stability of the walls where you need your wall structure water fountain to hang. Ensure that it may carry the load. Do not start out putting in the actual water fountain without knowing its weight with its water volume. Add both loads to determine if the structure has capability to take care of your own water features weight.
3. Check if there’s an outlet nearby in order to connect the wall water fountain. Try to avoid using extension cords. See if there is a plug on the back from the fountain to place the actual plug.
4. Read the manual very carefully that comes with the water fountain. Doing this will save you from pricey errors.
5. Check if your deal has all the parts indicated within the package.
6. A lot of the wall attached water fountains possess a holding mechanism in the back. Check out and calculate the area and also measure the level around the walls in which you want to location your own water fountain.
7. Work with a digital level to hang up your wall water feature to make sure that they’re appropriately aligned.
8. Slide the lines as well as link the item towards the pump and fill the particular container with h2o. Ensure that the container will be water tight. You can either work with a securing solution or even a bendable sealing ingredient for this specific purpose.
9. If you wish to conceal the actual cord, it is simple to do so if you have a good netting or else you can run it all at the rear of the actual walls.
10. Connect the particular pump right into a protected outlet to avoid mishaps. Safeguard the particular outlet with a Ground Fault Circut Interrupter. If your outlet that is included with your wall water feature is not smooth, your power socket needs to be recessed. Try out your water wall fountain and be sure that things are all in working order.

Setting up water wall fountains may either be easy or perhaps elaborate, dependant upon the specifications and also supplies you have selected to work with. Although small to medium sized fountains can be simply put in, bigger wall fountains may need a certified installer to get it done to suit your needs.

To read more about setting up water wall fountains pay a visit to water wall fountains today.

Choosing Indoor Fountains – 5 Things You Don’t Know About Choosing an Ideal Indoor Fountain

Fountains come in various styles, colors and materials to suit any decor. When buying a water fountain one of your main concerns should be its functionality because it offers more than just cascading waters. Here’s an in-depth discussion on dealing with the tabletop fountains issues.

More than just a decorative item, tabletop fountains help to improve the air quality within the room. The moving water serves as humidifier and helps promote a healthy atmosphere. Tabletop fountains are made of natural materials which makes them environment friendly. You can buy fountains which are made of stone, slate or other natural substances which will compliment your home and existing décor.

Here are the top tips on how to choose an ideal tabletop fountain

In order to get the right tabletop fountain here are some of the things to consider.

Location:  Decide on the area where you want to place the fountain. It will work well on a desk, large tables, beside tables, coffee tables, nooks, entryway tables, corners or even on the floor depending on the layout of the room. With that specific place on mind then you can decide on the size and shape of the fountain you will buy.  
Environment: Consider the existing décor of the room and your distinct personality. A multitude of different shapes, sizes and colors are available that can add accent to many types of room. It will be an excellent purchase if the tabletop fountain you settled for can provide that positive impact on that particular space.  
Purpose:  Will it be for a more relaxed atmosphere? Or do you want to make an impression on visitors and friends? If it is in your office it will surely relieve stress from tired and bored employees. For most buyers all the above count but the idea that it will add beauty and elegance to your room can never be neglected.  
Fountain materials: Fountains come in a wide variety of different materials. Ceramic is often used in tabletop fountains. Ceramic fountains look great in traditional, contemporary, Asian and European style décor. Ceramic is lightweight and low in cost. Clay is an organic multipurpose element used in innovative ways to create ceramic. Stone is a natural product. Stone tabletop fountains bring the natural elegance of granite and others stones to any space. They are made into compact tabletop sizes to bring beauty in smaller spaces. Glass: When the water moves across the glass it creates a stunning effect as the light dances and sparkles. The glass is the best way to showcase the beauty of cascading water. Slate: the smooth flowing water enhances the beauty of a slate. The natural variations of color found in organic slate make it different from the other materials. Copper: Usually copper is paired with glass or slate and integrated with ceramic and stones to produce a delicate work of art. Resin and Acrylic: These materials can facilitate endless design possibilities. They are lightweight endurable aside from being economical.
Water Sounds: The sound of water that a water fountain creates is entirely depending on the style of water fountain. A single layered fountain may cause less water sound that the fountain that has 3 tiered structure. Also, try to find a submersible water pump that has adjustable water flow so that you can adjust the sound of water based on your preferences.

Finding an ideal fountain is a fun and entertaining project. Following the guidelines above should make your indoor fountain selection process totally effortless.

Amy C. offers expert fountain advise and tips on how to choose & design your own Bamboo Fountain. She is a fountain expert at http://www.TabletopFountainStore.com

Hand Wash Fountains

Handwash fountain technology offer many advantages over traditional sinks. Sinks, to begin with take up too much space. A lavatory can only service one person comfortably at a time, so accommodating multiple employees means adding multiple sinks. However, a fountain designed to accommodate multiple users limits the actual number of fixtures you need to install and thus make much more efficient use of floor and wall space.

Lavatories also notoriously waste water. People forget to turn off the faucet, and companies pay the bill. Hand washing units are different. Various flow controls are built into their design to ensure that only enough water is spent to wash the hands, not the floor, and not your money down the drain.

Many different models are available that feature various material builds, sizes, numbers of founts, and modes of operations.

Foot Control Hand washing Stations
The foot control mechanism is very convenient to operate. Some models include an emergency eye wash spout for people who get something toxic or potentially threatening in their eyes.

Infrared Control Hand Wash Fountains
The IR control uses state-of-the-art technology to sense the proximity of the human hand and activate the water flow at that point. This minimizes water waste..

Terrazzo Wash Fountains
Terrazzo is a high grade material with a mosaic looking surface that consists of 85 percent stone and 15 percent of a special reinforcing binder material. The terrazzo bowl is cast around steel reinforcing rods that give it its shape and strengthen its constitution.

Bradstone Hand Wash Fountains
Bradstone is a light weight plastic reinforced with polyester resins and inorganic fillers. It is fade resistant, attractive, and durable. Bradstone is one of the newer materials on the market and rapidly gaining popularity with organizations.

Corner Founts
Corner Founts are beautiful. They are intended to save space with their corner locations. Organizations that use them range from commercial to industrial to recreational facilities, including schools and even rest areas along the highway.

Bradley Classic Hand Wash Fountains
Bradley Classic fountains have been around for 80 years and continue to improve with new bowl designs and new features that save money, electricity, and repair costs.

Juvenile Wash Fountains
These are great for any organization that hosts activities for children.

Terreon Wash Fountain
Terreon is a durable form of polyester resin. Quadra-Fountain modules are ideal for green projects and renovations because they can service up to 4 persons at a time, saving space and water in the process.

Stainless Steel Wash Fountains
These stations resist rust, stains, mold, mildew and burns. They are ideal for sterile environments.

Multiple styles and mounting options allow you to pick and choose what will work best in. The sentry style is
ideal for light hand washing needs.

Semi-Circular Wash Fountains
This style is great for places like kitchens that have heavy duty hand washing needs and only a limited amount of space.

Bradley Tri-Fount Hand Wash Fountains
The newest style uses less water, electricity, and space and has three conventional faucets that operate either by push button or an IR sensor. Water control is managed by a flow sensor that keeps flow rate at 0.5 GPM per station.

XPB Locker. Read more about hand wash fountains.multi station hand wash fountains.terrazzo wash fountains.

What to Gain With a Water Fountain

Lately, water fountains always come up wherever you go and whatever you do. You search the web and there’s an ad on a wall fountain. You ride the bus and you hear two people talking about the new fountain that their friend got as a present for herself on her birthday. Your daughter is sick, you take her to her Pedia, and right there, on a side counter, is a table top fountain.

You ask yourself, what’s with the entire hullabaloo on water fountains? Yes, it looks kind of cute sitting there in your doctor’s clinic but aside from that, what are the benefits of getting a water fountain? Here’s more to water fountains than just what meets the eye.

They are beautiful. That’s a given. Even you could not argue with that. Who is not smitten by the sweet little table top fountain? Who has not fallen in love with a magnificent solar fountain, in all its glory, basking in unadulterated sunlight? Water fountains have incredible aesthetic merit and everyone knows that.

Relaxation and Freedom from Stress. Most water fountains have adjustable pumps and you can adjust water flow to your liking. If your idea of stress relief is hearing strong water flow, you can have that. But at the end of a hectic day, if you want to go home to the sound of soothing water flow, all you have to do is regulate the pump and you have that as well. Truly, the sound of water fountains will take you to relaxing places you don’t have time-or money, to go to.

Natural Humidity without even Trying! Some people would actually go the extent of buying humidifiers for their homes which are bulky, not too mention costly. Sure, manufacturers have come up with smaller and nicer designs but with a humidifier, that’s all you, get-humidity. In getting a water fountain, you don’t pay to get higher humidity in your home- you get it free.

Negative Ions. Now this is something I personally have become crazy about since I stumbled on it. At first, it was the frustration that all the materials I was reading was telling me that negative ions are actually, really good but nothing was defining what negative ions are. After comparing 3 or so materials, I finally got it!
Yes, everyone’s been telling you the right thing when they said that negative ions are good for you. But let me tell you what negative ions are.

The air is full with charged particles called ions. These are formed when electrons are expelled. This happens when energy reacts on molecules like hydrogen, oxygen or carbon dioxide .The free electron attaches itself to a molecule which then becomes a negative ion. The original molecule, now without the electron, becomes a positive ion. With a water fountain, flowing water splits positive or neutral ions and create negative ions. What negative ions do is help freshen the air in your home, lighten your mood and relieve stress.

Now, I’m crazy about negative ions because I understand how it does me and my family good.

Drinking Source for Pets. As long as you are not using harmful chemicals in your water fountain, this can be a good source of water for your pets. Most water treatments are safe for your kids, pets and your fountain but be sure to check the label. If you have a dog or a cat, you would absolutely adore the sight of them drinking from your water fountain.

Drown out Unwanted Sounds. Let me tell you a sad story. My neighbor’s dog barks all the time. Regardless of time, and now, that recently, it has been raining in my area, I realize, regardless of weather. It just continuously barks! I am tempted to make FEED YOUR DOG placards, give them to my husband and kids and rally outside my neighbor’s gate. That would be a bit too much you’d say and (sigh) I suppose you’re right. Let me tell you what makes me cope-my water fountain. I just turn it on and I am in relentlessly barking dog free world.

In your case, it might be your neighbors fighting all the time, or loud TV noise from the other room, or the buzzing of doorbells or the phone constantly ringing- it can be anything, just equally irritating. My advice is get a water fountain and see how it actually covers up the noise around you.

Who knows? When you finally get your water fountain, you will not only experience the benefits I have mentioned, you will actually add some things to what was outlined and come up with a longer list.

Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Kaye_Castillo

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Get In Touch With Your Inner Self With Outdoor Garden Fountains

The furious pace in which we live our lives today can madden the sanest of individuals. It is then of little wonder that modern man is going to great lengths to find that inner strength and peace which can help him cope through the turmoil outside. Escaping to a miniature Eden with rolling green hills and babbling brooks seems like heaven, unfortunately doing this on a regular basis is not really feasible. However, trying to recreate such a place in your own house is no longer just a dream. Outdoor garden fountains have made it possible for you to enjoy the melodious gurgling of a brook sitting in your own veranda.

An outdoor garden fountain might sound like a lot of work but with the advent of completely self contained modern outdoor garden fountains, this is no longer true. Self contained in effect implies that these outdoor garden fountains can be mounted, filled with water, plugged in and bingo, what you have is your own little piece of heaven.

Choosing an outdoor garden fountain that works for you might require a little bit of research. The wide variety of outdoor garden fountains available in the market makes it imperative that you do your home work well before honing in on any one kind. For those who are lucky enough to have large and sprawling gardens a large centerpiece outdoor garden fountain might be the obvious choice. However, with the increasing amounts of space crunch that most of us have to put up with in this new era of ever increasing urban population, space saving outdoor garden fountains are a great investment.  An outdoor garden fountain that can be mounted on the wall, post or fence is ideal for a small garden.

The option of adding immense beauty and depth to your environment comes at a fairly affordable price. The immense variety of fountains available in the market makes it possible even for people with stringent budgets to invest in an outdoor garden fountain.  These fountains are built specifically to suit individual tastes. You can choose everything beginning with their shapes, patina, finishing to the material that is used to make these fountains. For the rustic lover a sandstone finish fountain can provide soulful music to his ears, while for the person with more contemporary tastes, fiber glass and wooden options are also available.

Garden fountains can work wonders on frayed nerves and calm the most restless of minds. These are also being advocated as a great accompaniment for meditating. The gurgling sound of water flowing incessantly can really relax a mind and make it more conducive for meditating.  Apart from these obvious advantages a garden fountain also adds great aesthetic value. When chosen with care and placed appropriately they can add immense charm and beauty to an average garden. The key lies in knowing where to look for them and in buying a fountain which is best suited to your needs.  A little bit of initial time and effort spent in choosing the right kind would ensure you a peaceful mind for a long time to come.

Go ahead and invest in an  outdoor garden fountain that’s tailor made just for you. The variety of  outdoor garden fountains offered by Garden-Fountains can make it possible for you to get one which not only fits your garden but also your budget.