Water Fountains-Why People Love Them

There’s a certain magic about waterfalls. You can sit beside them and watch your worries wash away. That’s mainly the reason why people from all age groups, from the 6 year old to the 60 year old are captivated by the beauty of the water fall. Thanks to indoor water fountains you can enjoy the beauty of these all day long. So you no longer have to travel to far off places to be able to enjoy the serenity of a water fountain.

Available in all sizes and shapes the sky is the limit when it comes to indoor fountains. Are you looking for one to match your southern style d├ęcor? Go for a copper fountain. Want something to accentuate the contemporary look of your home? Try a wall fountain made from stainless steel. Not only these, you could choose from glass or even a bamboo fountain. The latter is mainly sold in shops selling Feng Shui products.

Looking for a focal point in your living room? Try an indoor fountain that will not only accentuate your room, but can act as a de-stressor, to your tired mind and body when you come home from work. Fountains can also be used to cut the outdoor noise, that has been bothering you! Besides being effective in cutting down noise pollution, fountains are also effective humidifiers. Why go for those noisy humidifiers in your home, when you can have a water fountain that does the same job. As earlier said, fountains are great stress busters. Water, they say, when it falls from a height releases negative ions, which when combined with the positive electrons in the atmosphere, manages to neutralize the air. The Chinese were the first to realize this and believed that water fountains, released ‘chi’ or positive energy.

Wall Water fountains are not only popular as a choice to decorate your home, but also used in offices, where they are personalized by adding the company logo on it. There are many offices that use these as a partition to separate spaces. For those looking for a water fountain that suites their taste and style you could go for custom fountains, but typically will see a premium price as they need to be custom made and sized.

Taking care of fountains is easy as well. All that you have to do is ensure that the pump is always submerged in water and when it is not to be used for a prolonged period, you unplug it and empty it as you don’t want stagnant water sitting for a perior of time. Also using distilled water instead of tap water ensures that you don’t have to clean it as often but keep in mind, you will need to clean your fountain every month or few months if larger to rid it of any algae growth.

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