What to Gain With a Water Fountain

Lately, water fountains always come up wherever you go and whatever you do. You search the web and there’s an ad on a wall fountain. You ride the bus and you hear two people talking about the new fountain that their friend got as a present for herself on her birthday. Your daughter is sick, you take her to her Pedia, and right there, on a side counter, is a table top fountain.

You ask yourself, what’s with the entire hullabaloo on water fountains? Yes, it looks kind of cute sitting there in your doctor’s clinic but aside from that, what are the benefits of getting a water fountain? Here’s more to water fountains than just what meets the eye.

They are beautiful. That’s a given. Even you could not argue with that. Who is not smitten by the sweet little table top fountain? Who has not fallen in love with a magnificent solar fountain, in all its glory, basking in unadulterated sunlight? Water fountains have incredible aesthetic merit and everyone knows that.

Relaxation and Freedom from Stress. Most water fountains have adjustable pumps and you can adjust water flow to your liking. If your idea of stress relief is hearing strong water flow, you can have that. But at the end of a hectic day, if you want to go home to the sound of soothing water flow, all you have to do is regulate the pump and you have that as well. Truly, the sound of water fountains will take you to relaxing places you don’t have time-or money, to go to.

Natural Humidity without even Trying! Some people would actually go the extent of buying humidifiers for their homes which are bulky, not too mention costly. Sure, manufacturers have come up with smaller and nicer designs but with a humidifier, that’s all you, get-humidity. In getting a water fountain, you don’t pay to get higher humidity in your home- you get it free.

Negative Ions. Now this is something I personally have become crazy about since I stumbled on it. At first, it was the frustration that all the materials I was reading was telling me that negative ions are actually, really good but nothing was defining what negative ions are. After comparing 3 or so materials, I finally got it!
Yes, everyone’s been telling you the right thing when they said that negative ions are good for you. But let me tell you what negative ions are.

The air is full with charged particles called ions. These are formed when electrons are expelled. This happens when energy reacts on molecules like hydrogen, oxygen or carbon dioxide .The free electron attaches itself to a molecule which then becomes a negative ion. The original molecule, now without the electron, becomes a positive ion. With a water fountain, flowing water splits positive or neutral ions and create negative ions. What negative ions do is help freshen the air in your home, lighten your mood and relieve stress.

Now, I’m crazy about negative ions because I understand how it does me and my family good.

Drinking Source for Pets. As long as you are not using harmful chemicals in your water fountain, this can be a good source of water for your pets. Most water treatments are safe for your kids, pets and your fountain but be sure to check the label. If you have a dog or a cat, you would absolutely adore the sight of them drinking from your water fountain.

Drown out Unwanted Sounds. Let me tell you a sad story. My neighbor’s dog barks all the time. Regardless of time, and now, that recently, it has been raining in my area, I realize, regardless of weather. It just continuously barks! I am tempted to make FEED YOUR DOG placards, give them to my husband and kids and rally outside my neighbor’s gate. That would be a bit too much you’d say and (sigh) I suppose you’re right. Let me tell you what makes me cope-my water fountain. I just turn it on and I am in relentlessly barking dog free world.

In your case, it might be your neighbors fighting all the time, or loud TV noise from the other room, or the buzzing of doorbells or the phone constantly ringing- it can be anything, just equally irritating. My advice is get a water fountain and see how it actually covers up the noise around you.

Who knows? When you finally get your water fountain, you will not only experience the benefits I have mentioned, you will actually add some things to what was outlined and come up with a longer list.

Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Kaye_Castillo

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